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Pilates Workshop mit Brett Miller - Dynamic Reformer

The Dynamic Reformer

One of the unique aspects of Pilates when compared to other exercise forms, is the required attention to detail and the development of inner dynamic.  With the help of images such as those below, we will go through well-known Pilates exercises, and a few of their variations, with the aim to find deeper aspects of the work, and in turn a greater sensitivity to the wisdom of the body where we can, in all situations, move from the strength of the centre, giving way to more freedom and well-being.

Hier noch ein paar Stimmen von zwei Pilates Trainerinnen aus Holland, die extra angereist waren:

“One more great workshop of charming Brett Miller - “Dynamic Reformer “. And it was really Dynamic today💪🏻😉👌🏻 Thank you Brett for your energy, special style of teaching, your attention to all the students and of course for your humor😄👍🏻! Thank you Reiner Grootenhuis for your hospitality🌸. I really Enjoyed it.”

— Inna Gulak - Inna Gulak Pilates - de Pilates studio voor Venlo en omstreken

“An unforgettable workshop “Dynamic Reformer” with Brett Miller. Great/hard job, fun and lovely instructors.😍 I have really enjoyed it today. 😃😘🙏”

— Natalia Hermans - Yoga Pilates studio Tegelen

Schön war dann im Newsletter von Pilates Intel zu lesen, dass es Brett Miller selbst auch gefallen hatte:

“So I have some news for you....Pilates Intel contributor Reiner Grootenhuis, famous for his pilates-contrology-forum on Facebook, is a generous, dependable, exact and all around fantastic person. I know this first hand because I traveled to his cozy yet exquisitely equipped Pilates studio in Törnisvorst, Germany this past weekend to present workshops to eight dedicated and professional Pilates teachers/lovers.

I think Reiner and I make a great team, and it seems from the feedback others feel the same way.

So once again, Reiner, thank you for having me!”

— Brett Miller - Pilates Intel 14. Juni 2017

Eine Bericht über den Workshop findest Du hier: https://pilates-powers.de/alle-blog-beitraege/2017/6/12/brettmillerworkshop