Pilates Arm Chair Manual jetzt auf Englisch erhältlich

Heute mal ein kleiner Teil auf Englisch weil es eben auch um die englische Version des Arm Chair Manuals geht:

"Finally available - the first worldwide publicly available reference book for the Pilates Arm Chair. For trainers and practioners likewise. 42 exercises, each on its own page with 3 large step-by-step photos, make this guide easy to use and invaluable at the studio. You can get e.g. here: http://amzn.to/2c5MzeH"

Unten beide Manual mal nebeneinander. Das obere ist das Englische.

Pilates Arm Chair Deutsch und Englisch
Hot New Release Pilates Arm Chair Manual

Amazon.com findet auf jeden Fall seit Tagen, dass unser Pilates Arm Chair Manual ein "Hot New Release" ist. Da wollen wir mal nicht widersprechen. ;-)

Mittlerweile gibt es auch schon zwei Rezension zum Manual auf Amazon.com:

A must for Arm Chair practitioners!

Excellent book and very good value, clear and concise with thorough photos to demonstrate the exercises. I also appreciated the designation whether it was a traditional or modern version exercise as well as modifications and specific muscle focus. I highly recommend this comprehensive arm chair book which is very reasonably priced. Thank you Reiner!
— Amazon.com
This is an excellent resource for pilates teachers and students alike that use the Pilates Arm Chair in their practice. I believe this is the first comprehensive technical resource manual for all of the the arm chair exercises. The pictures are great and each exercise has a description of the proper set up, the stated focus as well as modifications/variations and common mistakes to look for. Any studio that has a ‘baby chair’ should have this resource manual on hand!
— Amazon.com